Sports Betting Champ Is Not a Sham


The headline at the website boldly announces: “Discover How You Can INSTANTLY Win 97% Of Your Sports Bets Using My Proven Sports Betting System!” This headline is sure to grab your attention. “Ninety-seven percent! Really?” You think so. The website documents (using audio, written and video extracts) the experiences of several clients with the betting system. It also includes glowing endorsements from John Morrison about the product’s results. Instantly, the reader is transported into an emotional realm of exaggerated emotion.

One is at first tempted to believe the hype. It is human nature to question the hype. The reader doesn’t just want glowing endorsements. He needs proof! It’s that simple. He is asking himself, “How can I achieve these results with this system?” sbobet online

He continues to read.

The current 2009-10 NBA season, as of 12/20/2009. 24 wins – Zero Losses

2009 MLB season: 49 wins – 0 Losses

2008-09 NBA season: 79 wins – 0 Losses

These are exceptional statistics, if proven true. The reader is then offered a chance to sign up for John’s free newsletter. John promises that he will share his “top-secret tips for sports betting” and how to avoid the same mistakes 96% of bettors make. You will receive an immediate reply to that button by clicking on it and sending him your email address. The first tip has been reproduced below.

Dr. John Morrison’s Secret Sports Betting Tip#1 – “In Major League Baseball, a player usually plays three games in a row over three consecutive days. A team can go 3-0 against its opponent in a 3-game series only 10%. Lesson: Even if a team loses their first game, chances are that they will win the next two. If they are at least equally matched with their opponent, the odds of them winning are even better!

If you’re a baseball fan who has been closely following the game, know (meaning it’s not conjecture). He is correct statistically. This is a positive sign. John is telling the truth. This is logical.

Further down, John informs you that you will receive his proven system once you have secured your membership. John’s winning streak of 97% in his picks coincides with these two sports. John admits openly that his system for NFL wagering is only 63% efficient. He doesn’t mention this, but he will show you how to win 97% in your own betting ventures. John is once again telling the truth.

If he chooses to join, it is up to him to accept responsibility for any bets or sports he plays. It is possible for people who want to stay with only high percentage bets to avoid betting on any NFL games. This will allow them to follow John’s lead. John doesn’t boast about his NFL picks. Because the odds of winning high percentages of NFL bets are against the bettor, this is why John doesn’t brag about his results. Because the crucial statistics are constantly changing, it’s more difficult to call consistently. This increases the risk of losing more.

Although it might seem hype, a closer examination of John Morrison’s Sports Betting Champ program reveals that John is only saying what he can actually claim about his sports betting system. Professional gamblers will tell you that system betting is only possible if you are disciplined and focussed on your goal. Only place bets on games that offer the best chance of winning. You’ll make money if you do this.

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